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“My Town” by Montgomery Gentry

Where I was born
Where I was raised,
Where I keep all
My yesterdays….

Everyone, I suppose has a special place in their heart for the place where their yesterday’s live.

My hometown is Madisonville, Kentucky. It’s a small, proud little town in the western part of the state. A large blue sign once welcomed visitors with, “Welcome to Madisonville, Kentucky – Best Town on Earth.” And to many of us it was, and is. Even to those of us who grew up and moved off, whether for college, work, marriage, or all three.

I’ve found that you can move away from your hometown – but you can never really move out of your hometown. A piece of you stays there and a piece of it stays with you.

A tornado tore through Madisonville a few days ago. People were hurt, homes were destroyed, possessions were lost…things that are supposed to only happen on tv happened down the street.

My mom was where she often is, volunteering at the local Salvation Army. She and the other volunteers saw the tornado headed toward them, then saw it veer in the other direction – sparing them.

My brother in law and his wife weren’t as lucky. They were in their yard when they saw it in the distance. They ran into their house and into a closet. Just as they pulled the door to, the roof of their home was blown right off. They lost their home, car, and many possessions. But, they walked away.

Each day I hear a new heartbreaking story. But every now and then a heartwarming story comes along. Like the police officer who threw himself on a woman just as the tornado hit, sustaining all the injuries himself. There’ve also been lots of great stories about the amazing volunteers (including my own husband), working tirelessly.

I guess the main purpose of this post is just to say that you never know when the unexpected will happen. So keep those who you love extra close.

Silly fights and broken relationships? Fix them while you still have a chance.

Haven’t talked to a loved one in a while? What’s wrong with today? Forgive, love, and move on.

Possessions? Ultimately they aren’t what really matters. People. That’s all that matters.

You just can’t be assured of next week, or tomorrow, or even of two hours from now. If disaster will strike “The Best Town on Earth,” it’ll strike anywhere.

Make. Each. Moment. Count
Love, Joi

P.S. If anyone happens to have a pic of that big blue sign they could e-mail me, they’d be my personal hero/heroine! I would absolutely love to have a pic, and can’t seem to come up with one anywhere. Thanks!

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