Multitasking: Making things Better or Worse?

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“A weakness of all human beings is trying to do too many things at once.” ~Henry Ford

The word Multitasking is probably the most overly ambitious word in the human language. It suggests that we have far, far too many things to take on one at a time – that we must find a way to do two at once….possibly even three if we’re really stretched. No wonder we live in a society seeking so desperately for secrets to stress management.

We’re tying ourselves up in knots and then wondering why we feel restrained. I’m all for making lists and setting goals, in fact I just blogged toward that end on another blog, but I sometimes wonder if we shouldn’t just dial down a bit on our dial of expectation.

Think for a minute about what life was like 20 years ago… society, in general, what would a typical day “look like”? Now think about what life’s like today – what a typical day would “look like.” Today, at a faster, more break-neck pace, appears almost in fast motion! We have more technology, more knowledge, more glitz, and more possessions – but at what price? I think all the books written, and bought, on relaxation and stress answer that question.

Back to multitasking: The quote at the top of this post is by Henry Ford. I came across this quote a week or so ago and have been thinking about it every since. His quotes always have that effect on me, that’s why I search them out!

There’s a great deal of widsom in what he says. After all, if a dentist were giving us a root canal we most definitely wouldn’t want him running back and forth working on an extraction in the next room. The only thing worse would be being in the seat in the other room. We’d want his full attention – not his divided attention. And to a certain degree, that’s exactly what each of our tasks want from us. Our full attention, not our divided attention.

Personally, I think it comes down to priorities. A large part of the solution lies in laying out a plan, determining:

  • What absolutely, positively MUST get done.
  • What SHOULD get done.
  • What you’d LIKE to get done.
  • What you could actually DELEGATE to be done.
  • What can actually be ELIMINATED, or voted off your island of thought.

We should all check in on our priorities from time to time and see if anything unexpected and unnecessary has crept into town. If they have, they’re taking up valuable real estate that something far better could be built on!

Make each relaxing moment count double,

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