Mix Things Up and Stir Them Around a Little


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Ever know better than to go down a particular road but head off in its direction, anyway? Yeah, me too.

I’ve always known that a very large part of mental fitness involves not getting stuck in a RoUTine. (A “rut” is just waiting inside of a routine.) Mixing things up and changing them around keeps your brain cells on active duty rather than stand by. But every now and again, I fall into the trap of getting all comfy cozy in some area of my life – and then WHUMP, I get a wake up call.

My hosting provider recently switched one of their e-mail providers. They had always offered 3 e-mail providers – 2 of which I’d never taken the time to familiarize myself with. Well, guess which 1 they replaced – the one I always used, of course!

If I had ever mixed things up and gotten to know the other two, I’d be sitting better right now. But as it is, on top of a crazy-busy online publishing business (thank God it’s crazy-busy, thank God its crazy-busy, thank God it’s crazy-busy, thank God its crazy-busy….) and on top of everything else – I have to get all familiar with something new.

I just had to get all comfy cozy. Bad me.

Mix each moment up THEN make them count double!

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  • What a great post. Yes, I try to stay on top of different things and stay mentally agile, but every now and then, something comes along that kicks my butt, or that I’m just not interested in. I don’t watch much TV, or even movies, and so I realized the other day that when we got a new DVD player (which I hardly even noticed), I did not learn how to use it, so I couldn’t watch something I wanted to watch while no one was home. Being a technophile, I was of course very embarrassed.

  • From one dvd challenged to another, I perfectly understand! For me, it’s not just dvds, my daughter had to rescue me just last night from a corner our tv’s satellite receiver had me in!

    I Still have no idea what magical buttons she pushed to make Iron Chef come back on for me – but I was eternally grateful. I’d made them vanish just before the judges handed down the verdict!


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