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In Mental Fitness and Longevity, we saw how important IMPORTANT it is to find new challenges for our brains to enjoy every day.

With that in minds, below are a few mental games. They vary from “I knew that!” easy to “How’d you expect me to know that?!” hard. But keep in mind, coming up with the correct answers isn’t as important as looking for the correct answers. It’s a lot like physical exercise, doing 100 sit ups actually isn’t as important as the attempt.


(Click the Link below the questions for the answers.)

1. April, August, December, February, ______________

2. O, T, T, F, F, S, S, ____

3. G.B, P.B., __, M.B., J.B., __

4 . Bashful, __________, Dopey, ___________, Happy, ____________, ____________

5. North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Aftica, ___________

6. Mercury, Venus, Earth, _____, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, _____, Pluto

7. L, L, E, E, G, A, C, _, N

8. Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Plum, _______

Number 8 is brutal and heartless. It took me hostage and I didn’t have the ransom!

Make each mental challenge count double,

For the Answers:

1. They’re the months of the year in alphabetical order, so January would come next.

2. These letters are the first letters of the numbers 1-7, so the answer is E as in eight.

3. The missing family members are M.B. in the first blank and C.B. in the second. You might know them better as Michael Brady and Cindy Brady.

4. The missing dwarves (in alphabetical order) are Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

5 .Australia is the missing continent.

6. Mars and Neptune – these are the planets in order from the sun.

7. This is the word CHALLENGE mixed up and the missing letter is H.

8. The next color is black – the color of the eight ball in pool.

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