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Kind of amazing how much attention is paid to physical fitness around this time of year, isn’t it? I was watching Good Morning America this morning hoping to learn more about the trapped miners in West Virginia, but it seemed as if every story had to do with abs, exercising and weight loss.

I’m 100% for physical fitness, mind you….but I often wish that at least that much attention was given to mental fitness. Without mental fitness, what good would anything else be? One could have a body that stopped traffic, but if they’re unfit, mentally, it’s of little comfort. Achieving, and maintaining, good mental health should be a point of emphasis with everyone – but it seems to be something we all take for granted.

One heart-breaking example of our need for mental fitness involves our teens: Click HERE for the story.

We not only should, but we must, make good mental fitness a resolution – and resolve to work on it daily, not just on January 1.

Even those who believe themselves to be as fit, emotionally and mentally, as possible need to begin pushing themselves further. We should all read more – and not just periodicals. We should challenge ourselves to go beyond the places we normally go. If we think we are living up to our potential….we should aim just a little higher, and see what the view’s like up there.

Think about it this way: When we work out, physically, we begin to see improvements in our bodies. They respond to the extra work by firming up. However, if we keep the same pace and never push ourselves any further, our bodies stop responding. It’s as if they go on “auto pilot” and rest. They become soft and weak – and the work we put into them slowly disappears. Progress? Gone.

It’s the same with our minds. When we get comfortable with our knowledge and our abilities, our minds go on “auto pilot” as well – they also become soft and weak. But if we keep pushing ourselves, further and further – mentally and physically – we’ll continue to see progress as our minds and bodies respond in all kinds of ways!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in (Owensboro) Kentucky, so my youngest daughter and I went to the park and walked – something we’re addicted to doing during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. I noticed that my legs got more tired than usual and were ready to head back to the car about 20 minutes sooner than they normally were! The winter break has already made me weaker and undone some of the fitness that I had accomplished pre-November.

If I had been a clever gal, I would’ve kept the walking routine up at the mall during the off-season! But I didn’t, I got comfortable and stopped pushing myself.

Slipping into comfortable isn’t always a good thing.

Make each challenge count double,

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