Medicating Children for Hyperactivity

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I’ve always been very critical of the use of “hyperactivity” medications on children. Too risky and far too easy for parents to abuse. They’re kids – they’re going to be active! But doctors seem way too anxious to medicate kids and a lot of parents are way too happy to let it go on.

Click HERE for a very disturbing and thought-inviting article on the subject.

A precious, precious young life totally thrown away because of ignorance.

Hyperactive is, more times than not, just another way of pronouncing “Undisciplined.” And by “discipline,” of course, I’m talking about a consistent, calm, mature system of letting the child know what’s right and what’s wrong. And letting them know, and see, what happens when they cross the lines separating the two. I don’t mean yelling, grabbing, slapping, or any other hysterics. That’s just proof that not much separates the adult from the child.

I hope you’ll read the article and see what you think.


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