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In the vein of learning something new each day, below are some interesting manias and obsessions.

ablutmania – mania for washing oneself (my cats own this one)

aboulomania – pathological indecisiveness

agromania – intense desire to be in open spaces

antomania – obsession with flowers

aphrodisiomania – abnormal sexual interest

clinomania – excessive desire to stay in bed

doromania – obsession with giving gifts

ecdemomania – abnormal compulsion for wandering

empleomania – mania for holding public office

Graecomania – obsession with Greece and the Greeks

hippomania – obsession with horses

hypermania – severe mania

hypomania – minor mania

idolomania – obsession or devotion to idols

musomania – obsession with music

micromania – pathological self-deprecation or belief that one is very small

nosomania – delusion of suffering from a disease

nymphomania – excessive or crazed sexual desire

oligomania – obsession with a few thoughts or ideas

oniomania – mania for making purchases

opsomania – abnormal love for one kind of food

phagomania – exessive desire for food or eating

plutomania – mania for money

rhinotillexomania – compulsive nose picking

sophomania – delusion that one is incredibly intelligent

technomania – craze for technology

theomania– belief that one is a god

verbomania – craze for words

Kind of backs up my belief that we all have diffent degrees of mania. We’re all bent, we just bend in different directions. The person who thinks they aren’t, in some small way, a little freaky is probably the biggest freak of them all!

Speaking of freaks (how’s that for a segue?) – six of us are collaborating on a new blog, Office Freaks. We’ve opened the doors today and would like nothing more than for you to drop in. It’ll grow daily so it’ll be a blog you’ll want to keep an eye on. Throw it under favorites and into your feed reader. Hopefully we’ll all have fun getting geeky and freaky.

Make each moment count double,

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