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Continuing this week’s Relaxation Theme….

When dealing with the art of relaxation, alot of things come into play. You can try to quiet the world around you, but you’ll only be able to get so far.

You can create an ideal “quiet place”, but you certainly can’t be in it at all times. Even if you could, you’d cease to live as much as you’d just hide. No future in that.

The true solution for finding a more relaxed lifestyle lies externally rather than internally. When you’re able to quiet your “inner world”, then and only then can you hope to quiet the “outer world.” As with just about everything you’ll ever attempt, you have to look inside as opposed to outside.

You have to make peace WITH yourself before you can ever make peace FOR yourself.

It all starts with self-acceptance. No one is perfect – and as simplistic, worn out and thread-bare as the phrase is – it still doesn’t hit home with most of us. Each time we make a mistake or come up short in some way, we’re astounded at best….depressed at worst. When we drop the ball, we have to adopt a mentality of “I learned from that and will be a better person because of it.” Instead, we generally get down to the point of thinking that we’re a worse person because of the lesson.

No student was ever dumbed-down because of a lesson, it’s the missed lessons that cause that.

Make a habit of telling yourself daily: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, I’m good-looking enough. I like me……hell’s bells, who wouldn’t?!” (Or something to that effect.)

Make every moment count double,

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