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Words. I utterly delight in them. I collect quotes with passion – and am forever writing down new additions. My favorite board game is Scrabble, I love crossword puzzles, I was a couch Wheel of Fortune whiz, I spend about 5 hours on average, daily, just writing.

I love to talk – girl talk, tete-a-tete, gossip (that’s right, I said it). I talk to my cats, I talk to the television, I talk to myself, I talk to other drivers.

I love to round up words and see what I can do for them, and see what they can do for me. In essence, we have a glorious relationship.

But after what all I’m reading about, and seeing on tv – I’m utterly at a loss for words. My heart so goes out to each and every single one of these precious people. They’re living a nightmare that I would be scared to death to experience in my sleep, let alone awake.

I can’t make any combination of words come together to express how horrible the situation is other than It’s hell. The saddest thing, to me, is the fact that there are brain dead morons who are making things worse. What kind of a human being would take advantage of this hell by stealling for their own gain. Worse yet, what sort of so-called human would open fire on doctors and patients? I, like just about everyone, am really struggling with this one.

Everyone, please give whenever you see the opportunity to do so. The main reason, of course, is to help those innocent victims who can’t help themselves. There are children, elderly, widows, widowers, sick, wounded and grieving who need help desperately. A secondary reason? So that those of us who are still human can vastly outnumber the animals.

If our “good” shines brightly enough, their “bad” will be lost in the shadows.

Make each moment count double,

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