Just Do It Now!


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One of my favorite ad campaigns of all time was Nike’s Just Do It series. Loved the commercials, loved the print ads, loved the swoosh, and (most of all) loved the message.

As good as the message was as a shoe salesman, it’s an even better life coach. Its don’t mess around attitude is exactly the one we should keep in the forefront of our lives. When something needs to be done, it’s foolish to put it off. The need isn’t going to go away, after all. In fact, the longer we put it off, usually the harder it is to deal with.

The layout I was using previously, for this particular blog, did something really weird with my paragraphs. It wanted nothing to do with spaces, preferring instead to run everything together. I took issue with it every single time I posted, mumbling under my breath about how I needed a new “theme.”

Yeah, mumbling always does alot of good.

I finally sat down one morning and made the necessary changes. I was so much happier – the spaces were where they needed to be and the mumbling was gone. Just makes me wonder why I took so long, you know?

What? Did I think the font would suddenly see things my way and march into place?

I decided that while I was on a roll, I’d take care of some other things I’d been wanting done but not wanting to do. Like the blog, I felt great on the other side of the do. A few other websites and blogs now have much needed renovations, my refrigerator’s cleaned out, I finished a book I’d been “reading” for 3 months, and I’m eyeing a certain closet in our house. It’s a walk-in that my husband nearly didn’t walk-out of the other day. I walked by and heard him in there rooting around looking for some thingamajig for the printer. Thud. Shuffle Shuffle. Bam. Shuffle. Bam! After the second bam, he calmly walks out and says, “That hurt.” After a closet nearly eats a loved one, it’s time for it to get organized and whipped into shape.

There’s enough stress in life caused by things that lie beyond our reach. We have to look around at the things that are within our reach – like the closet from hell. The more troubles we take care of, the fewer troubles we’ll have to care about.

I’ve ammended the saying a bit – instead of telling myself, “Just do it!”, now I tell myself to “Just do it NOW!”

Make each moment count double,

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  • Yeah, yeah…we’ll see.

    You take care of the closet that turned on me and I’ll be your baby forever and ever Amen.

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