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One of our “babies” – Alexa

I was putting together a post for my cat blog ( Cat Pause ) and I thought it made a pretty good story. It’s a cool example of thinking “outside of the box” (so to speak).

It’s also a clear example of all the great things that lie just on the other side of creative thinking.

Ever wonder where Kitty Litter came from? Me neither. But, as it turns out, the story’s pretty interesting, so I thought I’d share:

Kitty Litter was “invented” by Edward Lowe.

Before Lowe waxed all kinds of brilliant, cats either had to hold it until they got outdoors or went in boxes that had been filled with sand, soil or sawdust – none of which was very practical when it came to smell OR clean-up.

In 1947, a lady wnet into a local shop to purchase some sawdust for her beloved cat’s box. The shop owner’s son, none other than Edward, waited on her. The shop sold kiln-dried, granulated clay for cleaning up grease spills…and Edward suggested that she try some of this absorbant clay instead.

After she came back for more, Lowe knew he was on to something. He put the clay in 5 pound bags and wrote “Kitty Litter” on the front.

His ingenuity made him a millionaire many times over and our lives so much sweeter.

Make each creative moment count double,

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