Improving Your Memory is A Lot Easier Than You Think

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ronwhitesmemoryinamonthAs I’ve said before, I’ve got it bad, bad, bad for books and magazines.  My husband doesn’t complain, he just buys me more shelves.

One of the magazines I most look forward to the most each month is SUCCESS. February’s issue has one of the most respected men in the world on the cover, Mr. Colin Powell.

A favorite magazine and a favorite person together in one place? When this issue came in the mail, it was like, “Out of my way, I’m going to disappear for about two hours of glorious reading.” And then I did.

One of my favorite articles was about Memory (Memory Marvel) – specifically about ways to improve and nurture our memory. The article is actually an interview with Ron White, author of Ron White’s Memory in a Month. In addition to writing three books, Ron White has also recorded eight audio programs and delivered workshops for General Motors, Microsoft, Toyota, Honda, American Airlines, Cisco Systems, the Boy Scouts of America, Lexus, Coldwell Banker, Pfizer, and Century 21.

Apparently there’s a great deal of respect attached to Ron White’s name!

The audio cd pictured above is Ron White’s Memory in a Month. You can find it on Amazon by clicking the link.

From Amazon:
Ron White’s Memory in a Month A Unique Memory Skills Designed to Accelerate Your Goals Learn to : Give speeches without notes, Memorize chapters of books, Inprove study skills and grades, Recall product knowledge, Retain information from classes or seminars, Recall names and faces, Memorize notes, Increase your efficiency by retaining more information, Recall phone numbers or product codes, Much,much more. 6 Audio CD’s & Workbook.

In the interview in February’s SUCCESS magazine, Ron White talks about the potential we all have within us – a potential for greater brain power than we even realize we have. We complain about not being able to remember things, yet there are simple actions we can take to greatly improve our memory. It’s like complaining about not having enough money while sitting on gold mine. Break out the tools!

Below is an excerpt from the interview. Do yourself a huge favor and buy the issue as well as Ron White’s audio cd and workbook.

The human brain has the ability to memorize a Shakespearean play word for word or memorize the stats of every baseball player for the last 100 years. And the human memory is capable of recalling every single name after meeting 100 people in 20 minutes!…… The potential for a trained memory is not simply memorizing long strings of numbers. it is building your confidence in public speaking; building relationships and your business by recalling names and faces; and memorizing product knowledge, information from business or success books, knowledge from workshops and more.

He goes on to talk about memory training, using your memory to enhance your success at work, and even gives some of his favorite tips for recalling names.

Where in the world was Ron White when I was in school? I could have used an edge when it came to remembering all those dates in history. The mind’s a complex and amazing thing, I can still remember every word to every single John Mellencamp, Prince, Joan Jett, and Madonna song – but World War II dates? Not so much. (Note to self: Buy a few WW II books)

Make each moment count double!
~ Joi

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