If Judith Regan Speaketh, Cup Your Ear

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“Insanity? I walk a tightrope every day.” – Judith Regan

Judith Regan is one of those people who inspire either hate or admire. There really isn’t much neutral ground to the emotions she brings about, because there isn’t ANY neutral ground to her. She’s a full-out, front-on, “if you even think about ignoring me, I’ll eat your face” piece de resistance.

The emotions she arises make people either want to applaud her or throw something at her. I get the impression that she cares very little which camp we fall into, just as long as we’re paying attention.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with this Brunette brannigan, here’s a little info: Judith Regan is one of the most powerful people in publishing. Not just “women in publishing”…”people in publishing.” She’s the President of ReganBooks, which has published countless best sellers, including books by Howard Stern and Wally Lamb.

She’s been called “angry”, “controlling”, “difficult”, “controvesial”, “Dragon Lady” and worse (you know the word). She has, no doubt, been told to “chill out” on a number of occasions – but why would one want to inch toward “cold” rather than be “hot”?! Chill out = Cool off. Not on her thermostat! I think that very often what people view as anger is simply passion on a mission. Perhaps it’s just more passion than they’re used to.

She has a mouth that makes you want to wash yourself in bleach, and a temper that apparently keeps everyone in her office on their toes. (Then again, if you’re at work, you should be on your toes.) She says controversial things and apparently spent money that could’ve gone toward sensitivity training on something else. Just as well, she’d have made mincemeat of the trainer.

I read once that an ex-friend of Regan’s called her “..the highest-functioning deranged person I’ve ever known.” Again, I’m sure that’s okay with her. She’d love the highest-functioning part and, probably, the deranged part even more.

To give you a better understanding of her, I’ll just end with my favorite Regan-ism. It sums her up nicely.

“When I had my second child, the baby was dying and I was dying. The father decided to go to the Caribbean with somebody else. Was that heartbreaking? Of course. I’m near death and the father of my children says: ‘This would be an opportune moment for me to leave you.’ But my ex saved my life. Had he not been a monumental asshole, I wouldn’t have summoned up the strength to want to get out of bed and strangle him. Men who devastated me were my teachers. Every one of them upped my game.”
They have only themselves to thank!

Make each moment count double,

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