How Your Diet Can Affect Mental Decline

Mental Fitness

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I came across a really interesting article this morning. I was actually looking for a “Fishy” article about heart health for another blog when I saw a link about “copper and fats” and mental decline.

The article deals with a fascinating, and eye-opening, study done with men and women who were over 65. I’ve no idea why, exactly, they only studied individuals over this age, but irregardless the information is VERY interesting…..and very relevant. The dos and the don’ts DON’T have age limits – it’s advice we should all put into practice right away.

Just like our physical health, our mental health is determined by what we put into our bodies. And this particular article points out a few things that had never, ever occurred to me. To be honest, I’ve never given copper a second thought! Here’s the link>>>>

Make each bite count,

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  • HI! Good for you, you’ve made some really tough changes – I know all too well that changing eating habits is a perfect nightmare. Eating fast food is a part of life for most people, and trying to walk away from it takes a lot of grit!

    The brick wall you mention is often called a plateau, but I Like your description better – having been there, myself, I know it’s MUCH more like a brick wall than a plateau. A plateau you can cross – a brick wall stops you dead in your tracks, or at least tries to.

    The thing to do is to just keep on keeping on – keep up your hard work. Eat sensibly and fill up on fruits and vegetables. Keep exercising, and maybe even start adding a little more activity each week. Like, take more steps during the day – stretch your bike ride to 25 minutes….kind of mix things up and catch your metabolism off guard.

    You’re at the danger zone right now – it’s the place that actually determines whether someone wins of loses. Sadly, most lose. They get discouraged and return to their old habits.

    I think you’ll be one of the winners, though! I can “hear” it in your words – you’re determined and you have a great game plan. My money’s on you!


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