Why Your Brain Loves and Responds to Brain Games

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I’m pretty sure I’m beginning to sound like a broken record when it comes to brain games, but it can’t be helped! I know the importance of brain games for brain fitness and intend to nag everyone until they’re up to their gray matter in brain games!

Just why is it that brain games are so incredible for the fitness and health of your brain? These helpful, healthy, and fun exercises for the mind activate several different neurological functions and stimulate them, which in turn helps with thought processes across the board, including memory.

Remember in my last post (Brain Puzzles and Mental Fitness, Fun Birds of a Feather), I said that I planned on ordering the 365 Brain Puzzles? Well, I headed to Amazon and did just that as soon as I published the post.

Get this: It came the very next day!

It’s everything I’d hoped it’d be and more. In fact, there was information on the first page of this interactive desk calendar that told me how to get another desk calendar free. I like freebies. I love freebies.

I’ve been sharing these brain games with the rest of my family and we all are getting a huge kick out of the challenging puzzles.

Below are other ways to play Brain Games and stimulate your mind throughout the day:

  • In your newspaper, work the Crossword Puzzle, Sudoku, and Jumble puzzles.  Don’t give up halfway through the crossword puzzles ever again.  Research and find the answers!  You’ll feel so great after you’ve filled in every box and you’ll literally feel the stimulation in your brain.
  • Look in the book’s section of your favorite store – there are lots of outstanding Brain Games on the market.  Some of these are large books, while others are small workb00ks for just a few dollars.  I recently bought a very small “Brain Teasers for Dummies” in the bargain section at Target.  I liked what they wrote on the back of the booklet, “Flex your memory muscle with a variety of puzzles in varying degrees of difficulty.  Studies have shown that puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords, cryptograms, and other “mental aerobics” can help reduce memory loss due to normal aging and minimize the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases.”  This Pocket Edition Brain Teasers for Dummies is available in many stores as well as on Amazon (Brain Games on Amazon).
  • Learn 3 new things each day and recite them to your cat each night.  At the end of the week, try to tell her all 21 things you learned that week!  When searching out the 3 new things, one place you might want to check is Dummies.com.  Not only do they make amazing books, they have videos and phone apps.  You could learn something new each day on their site alone.
  • Pay more attention to words around you and play brain games with them.  You can even do this while riding down the road.  Below are a few word games:
  1. Take the letters of the word and rearrange them to make new words.  For example, if you see the word McDonald’s, think:  mad, sand, scald…
  2. When the word is out of site, try spelling it backwards – trickier than it seems!
  3. When you spot a word, think of a different word you could create by changing just one letter. For example, if you see the word SPEED, you could create a new word by changing the second E to an N – SPEND.
  4. “Collect” 6 different words and make a coherent sentence with the words.
  5. “Collect” 10 words and, in order, try to remember them at the end of your trip.

Surround yourself with brain games and brain puzzles – keep one in each of the rooms of your house that you spend the most time in…. along with a pen or pencil, of course.  Your brain will be very grateful… and will reward you handsomely.

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    • Wow! 365 games is a lot.

      Target’s bargain section has recently become one of my favorite sections to check out lately myself. I’ve found several pocket guides, puzzles and games there. All usuually for a buck each.

      Matt Dupree
      publisher, FamilyBoardGameReviews.com

    • Matt, Always great to talk to a fellow Target shopper!

      I’m loving my Brain Teasers calendar – so are the other members of my family. They’re just outstanding! – Joi

    • I love to do tough Sudoku. Even when I was listening to Professor in the lecture hall, I did the Sudoku. And the weird thing is that I can remember the lecture better!

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