How to Fight Off the Flu and Cast off a Cold

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While I absolutely love this time of year, I could most definitely do without the nasty bugs it brings crawling into our lives. We have a large family, so even the slightest bug seems to last forever in our home by the time it goes through each of us. There have been times, too, when we’ve gone all out and passed it around a second time. We did that last year with an especially nasty cold, it was two months of agony around here!

I’ve been doing tons of research on what can be done to put the odds of avoiding colds and the flu in our favor.

First of all, if you are elderly or suffer from an illness (such as diabetes or asthma) doctors recommend that you get a flu shot. Due to my asthma, I normally do – although I didn’t last year because there was such a shortage. I wanted every drop to go toward older people who the flu would’ve done far more harm to than to your’s truly.

To Fight Off the Flu:

  • Keep your hands incredibly clean. Be obnoxious about it! Wash frequently with good old plain soap and hot water. Remember, frequently. I’m giving you permission to be obsessive about it.
  • Keep those hands away from your face. Keep them away from your nose, your eyes, and don’t even think about putting them in your mouth!
  • Eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh food.
  • Up the Vitamin C. Get into the habit of drinking Orange Juice daily, take a supplement, suck on the tasty little Vitamin C drops. Start now and keep it up.
  • Get enough sleep! You’re more likely to get sick, and then have more difficulty fighting it off, if you aren’t rested.
  • Reduce (and eliminate when possible) things in your life that cause you stress. Stress, like lack of sleep, wears you down and makes you an easier, weaker target.

To Cast Away Colds:
In addition to the above tips, you can also lessen your odds of catching a cold by increasing your activity. Research shows that the more active people are, the fewer colds they get.

Rake, do dishes, clean the garage, clean house, go bowling, shovel snow, bicycle, dance, etc… Just move it more than you’re moving it now!

Like most things in life, the key is just to take care of yourself – do the things you should be doing already.

Make each moment count double and be healthy!

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