How Exercise Benefits Your Body and Mind

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We all know that exercise builds muscles, strengthens your heart, improves your mood, and promotes a healthier weight. But research is proving that it does far more than we ever gave it credit for. Exercise also boosts brainpower, and may offer hope in the battle against Alzheimer’s.

The short paragraph above gave us 6 reasons to make certain that we work a work-out into our schedule today – and everyday!

The problem is, a lot of people look at their “To Do” list and shake their head no as in, “I just can’t work it into my day.” My own “To Do” list is staring me in the face right now. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see it lying there with all its good intentions and ambitious plans. (Just how many hours does it think I’m working with here, anyway?) I’ll be the first to admit that the thought of wedging in an extra 45 minutes to an hour is a daunting thought. The words How, When, Where come spilling out all over the place.

Sometimes we have to re-work the schedule that we have laid out. If there’s something in the morning that we alloted ourselves an hour for, we can make ourselves try to complete it within 30 minutes. If we do the same thing in the afternoon, we suddenly have a whole hour to work with.

A lot of people simply get up an hour earlier than usual. That’s what I’ve started doing. You’d be absolutely amazed what a difference that extra hour makes.

If neither of those options sound possible, you should go with the “Spurts” method. This is simply the practice of finding short periods of time throughout the day to do little 10 minute spurts of exercise. If you work just 3 of them into your day, you’ve suddenly achieved 30 minutes of exercise for the day. During the spurts, run in place, take a brisk walk, do sit ups, walk up and down stairs – anything to get that body moving and that heart pumping!

To read more about how exercise makes us smarter, click HERE. It’s a great article and an even greater message!

Make each move count double,

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