How Dogs Improve Your Health: Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally

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Okay. Full disclosure. I have cats… well, actually they have me (wrapped right around their paws). I don’t currently have a dog, but I have in the past and I would love to again – if my cats ever allow it.

They make the rules.

In fact, one of my cats (Alexa) just demanded her favorite spot on my computer desk to oversee the writing of this post. How she knows the topic is beyond me – all I know is the hot chocolate has been moved, the iPhone put out of reach, and she is occupying her favorite spot, everything else be darned.

I did mention they make the rules, right?

My past beloved dogs have been German Shepherds,  toy poodles, and a Basset Hound I miss to this day. She was one of the sweetest natured animals or humans I’ve ever known. There was a purity about her a gentle disposition that words fail to describe.

Like cats, dogs are wonderful entertainment, adorable sources of joy, and perfect companionship.

The infographic below is outstanding. It shows how dogs can improve our health – mentally, emotionally, and physically. These three don’t just go together to make us what and who we are, they actually build upon (or tear away) one another. That’s why when we’re grieving or angry, we often feel physically sick. Our body, mind, and heart must all “feel” the music before we are able to dance.

Through my self help blog, Self Help Daily, I have had countless contact with individuals who are pretty much looking for the same things – happiness and peace of mind.  Whether it’s an individual going through a tough spot or a mother trying to find her way through the darkness of an empty nest, I inevitably include the suggestion of adopting a dog or cat.  When we care for a furry family member, we put ourselves in a position that’ll help us tremendously – we get outside of our own selves as we care for and nurture for them.

Dogs give us countless reasons each day to smile – and almost as many reasons to laugh out loud. The little clowns love nothing more than making their human family members happy and they will go to great lengths to make it happen.

I know one thing, from experience, not only will you walk more often when you have a dog, you’ll enjoy it a lot more AND you’ll walk for longer periods of time. When I walked my dogs, we’d stay gone until they were tired (even if I was dragging butt, we’d keep at it until they turned for home!).

I hope you enjoy the beautiful infographic and I hope (even more) that if happiness and joy seem elusive to you, you will head to your local animal shelter and adopt a precious new family member. Maybe two, if you’re able to!

Brighter days are always ahead when they include paws.

~ Joi (“Joy”)

Click the infographic for a larger view!

How Dogs Improve Your Health


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