Hope in Disguise


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There are lots of things that amaze me. I guess I’m pretty simple and it doesn’t take alot. I’m not complaining – not at all – I rather like being amazed several times a day! It’s a really good feeling, and If I ever got to the point where I no longer amazed by anyone or anything, I’d be one miserable person.

One of the things that amazes me the most is this: So often things come into our lives that (for all intents and purposes) smell rotten. They’re vile, disappointing, and leave us in a state of anger, depression or disillusionment. Yet, in the end, they often turn out to be, not only incredibly aromatic, but the best thing that could have happened.

Take for example, a personal hero of mine (and probably yours)- Abraham Lincoln. He was born about as poor as anyone has ever been born. While growing up he faced one disappointment after the next and was basically knocked around by hardship. He outgrew his circumstances, though, and as a result became one of the greatest humans of all time. His hardships pushed him up rather than down and he’s now a household name.

Think about his loss for senatorship to Stephen Douglas. At the time, Abraham thought his career in politics was washed up. It was a terrible blow, especially since it was Douglas that beat him! However, if he HAD won the contest, he may have remained a senator rather than pursuing the Presidency. He may have taken a completely different road, on a completely different time frame, and where would our country be now?

One disappointing blow led to his destiny – and to a nation’s.

If you have anything in your life that’s masked in gloom and darkness, rest assured that time will come for the ugly mask. It’ll strip it away and reveal happiness and hope. You may even find yourself thankful for what you once cursed.

Make each moment count double,

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