Healthy Alternatives to: Finding Happiness in Exercise and Meditation

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by Brooke Faulkner

The end of October signaled a crisis in our country when Trump was forced to declare a state of emergency because the opioid epidemic claimed so many lives. Dependency on medical grade prescriptions has led to tens of thousands of overdoses on dangerous prescription medication like fentanyl. This emergency calls for a shift in the way Americans, and frankly the world, are treating their pain and thinking about treatment for their illnesses.

Prescription medication can be dangerous for a number of reasons aside from its addictive qualities. For example, narcotic medications like Xanax have been proven to contribute to the symptoms of depression in some patients. This makes supplementing with alternative treatment options even more necessary for your overall health and wellness. If you do plan to make changes or additions to your treatment plans, it is always advisable to consult a medical professional before making those adjustments.

Why We Choose Medication In The First Place

There are many reasons why people choose to begin a medication treatment plan. Symptoms like chronic pain and anxiety can be challenging to live with. People living with depression often don’t understand everything about their diagnosis and rely on medication to feel better. Others take medication to help with chronic pain developed over the course of their lives.

Whatever the reason you take medication, you have most likely grown somewhat dependent on it and its ability to make you feel better and make your day a little easier. This makes giving up unhealthy medication even more challenging.

But what if you could find a healthy alternative to your medication without feeling like you’re giving something up? There are so many different options for people considering trading in their medication for something potentially healthier.

Alternative Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

When you begin to feel like your depression medication is no longer working for you, there are some healthy routines you can incorporate into your daily regimen to increase the likelihood of its success.


Exercise can be extremely beneficial to your body and mind if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety. To begin, exercise helps reduce inflammation in your brain that can lead to anxiety and nervousness as well as promote neurological growth.

Exercise also helps decrease stress caused by the challenges of life. When you begin to feel stressed, your body responds by tightening up, which causes neck and shoulder tension as well as painful headaches. Exercising releases endorphins that help relieve tension in the body and make you feel happy.


There is a common misconception about meditation that you have to be spiritually devout in order to experience it more perfectly. This is definitely a myth. Meditation is absolutely practiced by spiritual monks and gurus, but they are certainly not the only ones.

Meditation is not solely a means of connecting to your spirit. Meditation is a means of connecting your body and your mind. When your mind and your body are connected and working in unison, the health benefits are extremely notable.

For example, the calm, zen-like state that your body goes into when you are meditating can help reduce anxiety and stress by quieting the loud, disruptive things in life. Meditation has also proved to be useful for your immune function and decrease inflammation at the cellular level.

Going the Extra Mile


Many people who have found success in alternative medication have chosen to give back to their community and help others find alternative methods for treating their depression or anxiety by pursuing careers in psychiatric care, opening yoga studios or studying chiropractic. These people have truly gone the extra mile in their recovery process by facing their fears and choosing to do something to combat those same fears in other people rather than let the fear rule them.

If you are someone who is not having success with your medication regimen, consider doing some research on alternative options. Not only can prescription medications be extremely dangerous to your health. Perhaps now is the time to find a new routine that is more beneficial for your overall wellness.

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