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Those of us who are interested and invested in Mental Fitness should really start courting Green tea. No, it’s not as sexy as coffee – even though I love Green Tea, myself (almost as much as coffee), I won’t pretend that it is. Not for one minute. But it’s so intelligent and has such a great personality – you look past its plainness. It just requires a little “make-up” – honey, lemon, sugar….more honey, more lemon, more sugar…

It’s becomming increasingly obvious that Green Tea is worth our time and efforts, however. I’ve written about its benefits on this particular blog – as well as Self Help Daily, Chinese Wisdom, and Get Cooking (I’m actually a very busy press agent for the stuff.) Green Tea and White Tea, for that matter, have become the equivalent of liquid vitamins around our house. Tea packs so many health benefits, it’d be almost foolish NOT to keep lots of varieties around.

Back to Green Tea’s Mental Health benefits: Findings from a Japanese study – published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – showed that people who drink green tea regularly may have sharper minds than those who don’t drink green tea. Participants in the study took tests of mental status including memory, orientation, ability to follow commands, and attention.

How much Green Tea does it take? Researchers found that those who drank at least two cups of Green Tea a day performed the best in the study.

Just another reason to get to know Green Tea better. Go ahead, ask it out – you just might fall in love (or at least like) !

Make each healthy habit count double,

>>>If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with Green Tea, Green Passion from Boca Java would be the PERFECT tea to start with.

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