Gratitude and Good Will


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This morning, my daughter and I grabbed some coffee and a few croissants at our favorite Burger King drive thru. My favorite worker greeted us at the window with a smile. She’s an adorable young girl with braces, a long pony tail, and an attitute that suggests she’s as happy as anyone has a right to be. Even while at work. Her name’s Sarah and, in addition to her contagious smile, she’s very helpful and uncommonly fast. Never known her to be anything but. She, alone, causes customers to feel good about their visit, and represents the entire BK restaurant as a clean, warm and friendly place. We always paint a picture in our minds of a place we visit, do we not? – And a lot of the colors we use in our painting have to do with the workers.

Sarah’s a beautiful shade!

When we were pulling away, I thought of something I’m going to start doing this week. I’m going to buy some snazzy little postcards and keep them on hand for people like Sarah. When someone stands out in my mind as being a special person, I’m going to start doing something special for them. The first postcard will go to the manager of that restaurant telling her what a great little worker Sarah is. It’s my fervent hope that it’ll cause this young lady to get a raise, or at the very least earn her a little extra respect.

I think that if we all made a habit of recognizing people who deserve it, it’ll cause a wonderful chain reaction. The main thing is, they’ll feel the goodwill – because they earned it. That’s the main thing – putting a smile on their faces. Secondly, there’ll be ripples felt by the people around them, causing them to step their game up.

Lastly, I’m a firm believer in reaping and sowing. I’ve seen it too many times not to know that what you put out there comes back to you. So if you put gratitude and good will out there, guess what comes back to you?

Everyone’s a winner! The Sarahs of the world, me and YOU!

Make each gratitude count!

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