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We get a lot of requests for information on alcoholism at TMFC. Not only from the individuals who are struggling with the addiction themselves, but also from people who love them and want to know how they can help.

Each time a request comes in from either side, I can’t help but feel excited. There’s something kind of awesome about someone realizing that they need to beat something, then setting out to find the tools to do so.

Whether it’s smoking, drinking, gambling or another __ing that’s __ing with your life, it takes courage and grit to stand up to it and say, “At the end of this, there’s only going to be one of us standing, and I have no intention of lying down.”

When the first request came in, I started doing tons of reading and research. Although I don’t know all that I’d like to know, I certainly know more than I did. There are a few books I’ve been trying to get my hands on that’ll give lots of insight, I think.

What I have learned, however, is that to overcome an addiction is HUGE. It’s a battle that must be waged and fought with everything you’ve got. There’s a fine line, however, because although you have to be agressive, you also have to be patient. Irregardless of the addiction, there is no overnight cure. I have an aunt who not only beat smoking but did so overnight. But she’s in the minority. Her faith and willpower are stronger than that of alot of mortals. She also recently beat breast cancer as well. Two huge wins, one little victor!

I’m working on several articles, as well as a list of links – so if anyone has any information or knows of any links, there are lots of people who could benefit from your knowledge. If you could either leave a comment here on the blog, or e-mail us, I’d appreciate it. (Thanks!)

This is a sidebar rant, but I’m totally amazed by the alcohol t-shirts and merchandise being sold in the store departments where teens shop. I was dumbstruck when, shopping with my daughters, I saw the alcohol logos amongst Coke and Beatles t-shirts. Good Lord, don’t these people have kids?! Below is a link to an article about the same topic. A new study shows that this sort of thing increases underage drinking. Not surprised – sickened – but not surprised.

>>>> “Alcohol Merchandise Encourages Underage Drinking

I’ve been eagle-eyeing the stores that carry the merchandise and those who don’t. The don’ts are getting more and more of our money.

Make each moment count double,

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