Getting Out From Under When You’re Overwhelmed


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The past two weeks have been crazy hectic – In fact, the days seemed to be in competition with one another. Trying to see which could pile on the most “to dos,” “gotta get this dones,” and “don’t forget about thats.” It was a close race, but the favored Mondays won.

My husband and I were interviewed by a reporter for the Owensboro newspaper – he was doing a story on just how much time you can spend in a coffeehouse before they start charging you rent….and thought I’d be the one to ask.

Just kidding. It was for a story on our Blog Network. We met him, where else, at a local coffeehouse (Beyond the Brim). The next day, the photographer came to our home and took our picture. I tried to scare him off by aligning him with dentists and snakes – but he didn’t take the bait….just the pictures. Something you should know about me – I HATE having my picture taken!!! You’d think I’d be used to it, I mean – I was an only child and literally grew up with flashlights going off around me…”She’s playing with her toes – get it!,” “She’s drinking from her Mighty Dog sippy cup – get it!,” “She’s running off and hiding from the talking Bozo doll – get it!” (That demon doll could scare photographers, snakes, and dentists…..Hmmm, why didn’t I think of that?)

Anyway, on top of everything else I had going, I had to look over every blog and website with a fine tooth comb – update the About page, etc.

I’m also in the middle of trying to get two of our newest blogs going strong. They’re entertainment blogs (One for Keira Knightley, my favoritest actress and one for Jessica and Ashlee Simpson – one of my favoritest amusements in life is seeing what these two get into and out of. It’s better than most tv shows.)

In addition – I’m currently building three other blogs, for different people. All of the above, of course, sits right alongside the normal daily workload. The funny thing is, I love it! The busier I am, the happier I am. I got up at 5:15 yesterday morning to get a jump on the day and it dawned on me – I’m at a happier place right now than I’ve probably ever been.

All the business is fulfilling and rewarding. The only problem is that I”m extremely hard on myself – at the end of the day, I tend to look at what I didn’t get done or what I didn’t get to. I keep a list with each day’s goals, check-marking them as they’re accomplished. I always put the work I’m doing for others at the top, followed by my own websites, blogs, and writings. (If one of my blogs goes several days without a post, my reader friends know – She’s up to something, give her a few days, she’ll resurface… )

When there are some goals left that have to carry over to the next day – it weighs on me. Sometimes I can’t even get to sleep because I see them there in the dark asking me why they didn’t get done. (Hate that..)

One day last week I tried something new – I forced myself to stop looking at and focusing on the unmarked goals and to focus, instead, on the things that got done. Turns out there are always a great deal of them! That was comforting to know – and I’ve really let up on myself. I can’t say I like it when something has to carry over to the next day, but I can’t say that it weighs on me anymore. Now I just think, “I’ll get it tomorrow.”

If you’re one of those people who try to do it all, and kick yourself when it all doesn’t get done – try looking at Got Dones rather than the Didn’t Get Dones. A pat on the back feels so much better than a kick on the shin.

Make each moment count double,

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