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Today kinda rocked. It was full of pizza, Dr. Peppper, Pecan Chewy Cookies and hanging out at the mall with the three coolest kids in the world. (Can I help it if they happen to be my own?) We hit the perfume counters first, then took our sweet-smelling selves everywhere else.

We did a lot of people watching today, as always. If you’re lucky, and the right people are out and about – it can be funnier than Ellen DeGeneres. My favorite ones to watch are the kids and young adults between 13 and 22. So much vitality and, well, funkiness. A world void of this age group would be dull and far too quiet. There’d be less color and not nearly enough drama. It’d be a world I sure wouldn’t want to live in, or even visit.

Something that infuriates me is when older people look at this younger group with so much judgement in their eyes and talk about them with so much criticism in their voice.

Just today I saw two women on the wrinkle cream side of 50 sitting on a bench, looking down their noses at each young girl that passed by. Thankfully, the kids were so into one another they never even noticed that they were being judged beneath the magnifying glass. Either that, or it’s something they’re used to.

Yes, the boys sometimes wear their pants with more slack than a blue-haired substitute teacher, and some of the girls yeild a near dangerous make-up brush. So freakin’ what? Who are they hurting? They’re finding themselves and discovering life – just like the rest of us did. They’ll grow up soon enough. Tomorrow will provide them with all the lessons it gave us – for crying out loud, that’s reason enough to feel nothing but compassion!

Make each moment count double,

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