Funky Friday and Link Leakage

Motivational, Tough Love!

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My husband sprung a leak! And I was so impressed I just had to give it a try. I’ll start off by dropping the Link Leak Virus in his lap. ’cause I loves him, ’cause he dropped one on me, and ’cause he’ll buy me a Chai Tea later. Click the link to check out what started all of this and while there, check out his original post on the Link Leak Virus, for an in depth explanation.

Basically, the idea behind it is sharing your readers with other bloggers – who’ll then share their readers – who’ll then….. Oh, you get it. It’s a really great idea, even though I didn’t think of it.

We bloggers need to have one another’s back. The best way to keep the blogosphere thriving and healthy is to keep it fresh and lively. In that vein, I’m going to start devoting every Friday to the funkiest, funnest, freakiest posts or post subjects that I’ve found during the week. Funky Friday may not always be PG or PC. It’s Friday for blogging out loud. (But I promise to be a good girl the rest of the week.)

The second Link Leak Virus I want to drop is on a gal I have a blog crush on. Man, I love her writing, her wit, and the sexy cool way she looks at the world! The post I’ve linked to (above) is because of its nature (the subject puts the freak in freakish and the ug in ugly). While on her blog, be sure you read her other posts. Read at least 10 – you’ll be addicted to her forever. The woman’s ALL THAT and an order of onion rings.

Now, no Funky Friday is complete without a great joke, right? Especially if the joke involves a nun, a bar and a restaurant. (Poor sweet nun – she should’ve never gone in there in the first place.) Anyway, here’s the Link Leak Virus to the Fun Nun.

The joke is posted by a young….very young…., pretty……very pretty….woman. Don’t let her age, sweet smile or size fool you, though. This girl’s got the heart of a fighter. She’s already been through more than most people go through in a lifetime.

What has she done, exactly? Stared cancer dead in the eye, didn’t blink and didn’t back down. Mark this down, she’ll be the last one standing, because the most beastly monster in the world didn’t know who it was messing with. It didn’t make her weaker, it didn’t make her bitter – it made her stronger. No self-respecting bully can stand that.

What amazes me (really, really amazes me) is the fact that she has kept her zany sense of humor and wild sense of adventure. While on her blog, you can read her story. You’ll never forget her, I guarantee it.

Hope your weekend is one long party! Not a pity one, not a keg one: just a glad-to-be-alive-I’m-going-to-make-every-minute-count party.

Make each moment count double,

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