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I got an e-mail today about a fun new website, The premise is that people sign up (it takes all of two seconds!), then ask whatever’s on their mind. Other people who have also signed up will then have the opportunity to answer your question.

You can, of course, also look around at their questions and answer the ones you have an answer for.

It’s a really fresh, imaginative idea for a website.

It’s new, so the number of questions aren’t as large as they will become. Also, beware that since it is open to the public at large, the language may not always be PG and the questions may not always be PC. Basically, the site will be as interesting as the questions are and as cool as the participants are.

It could become an environment in which to learn a great deal. And not just random facts, either. It is the perfect place to learn about one another, about what makes each of us tick…to sort of lift up each of our mental lids and see what’s going on underneath.

Again, a lot will depend upon the visitors. The people behind it are hecka cool, let’s just hope their visitors are as well. Check them out, sign up, and have fun!

Make each moment count double,

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