Fruit – It Does a Mind Good!

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Close-up of Cut and Uncut Fresh Fruit

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I hate to sound like your mother….no, scratch that, I don’t mind sounding like your mother – mothers rock. So, tossing the disclaimer aside, I’m jumping in head first.

Do you get enough fruits and vegetables? I don’t mean Strawberry Ice Cream and French Fries – I mean literal, honest-to-goodness fruits and vegetables. You already know how healthy they are for your physical health, but you may not realize how vital they are to your mental health.

When French scientists followed the eating habits of 1,640 adults for a period of 10 years, they discovered something utterly fascinating. Those who ate the most flavonoids (powerful, powerful antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, and teas) stayed the sharpest, mentally.

Those on fruit-heavy diets did better on standard tests measuring language skills, logic, and memory.

Prevention Magazine‘s nutritionists tell us that all we need to see these benefits, ourselves, is at the minimum 1/6 of a grapefruit, 2 sweet cherries, or 1/4 cup of blueberries daily. Notice that I said at the minimum, you can aim for more, you know!

Hang a gorgeous print, like the one above, in your kitchen…or cut out a great looking picture to hand on the refrigerator – something to remind you of the importance of getting your fruits and veggies in everyday.

Make each healthy habit count double,

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