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Good news for fish lovers.

Good news for fish lovers who want to keep Alzheimer’s and dementia out of their life.

A Harvard School of Public Health study suggests that HDL cholesterol (The healthy fat raised by fish, olive oil, and soy – often called the “good” cholesterol) may fend off Alzheimer’s disease. Apparently it does so by “scrubbing” LDL (“bad” cholesterol) away from the vascular system.

In fact, a diet high in HDL-rich foods is linked to a 50 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s among older women. Elizabeth Devore (the researcher who led this particular study) believes the results would be the same for men.

HDL is also boosted by aerobic exercise and weight loss.

Just scratch down another New Year’s Resolution: Boost my HDL!

Make each moment in 2007 count double,

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