Finding Order Within Bi-Polar Disorder

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I’ve been researching Bi-Polar Disorder for a few months and am completely fascinated. I’m amazed that people who deal with this condition are able to function on such a level that many people don’t realize they have an illness. And that’s essentially what something of this nature is – an illness.

I have asthma. I can’t help the fact. I can’t wake up one morning and say, “Today’s the day I ditch my astma. Deep down, I actually enjoy it and wallow in the misery when I wheeze, but I’m quitting today – cold turkey.” If that worked, I’d have gone that route before I turned 10, let alone –!

Yet, deep down, isn’t that what we all expect from people with mental illnesses? To a certain extent, that’s even what the sufferer expects – “Why can’t I just get over this depression?!” “Why can’t I be normal?” etc. I threw a little italics on normal there because it’s just a figment of someone’s imagination. There is no normal!

I’m working on an e-b00k about Bi-Polar Disorder. I would very much like input from anyone who is familiar with the condition. I have a series of questions I’d love for participants to answer – the best way to get information on something of this nature is to go directly to the people who live with it daily. If you e-mail me, I’ll send the questions to you and you can, at your leisure, answer them and e-mail them back to me. A lot of people could be helped by your information and insight. Best of all, it might even prove somewhat therapeutic for you! My e-mail is on the blog as well as on this blog’s main website, The Mental Fitness Center.

There is a fantastic article I found while researching – it’s on a website that I’m pretty much obsessed with: The article is titled Teens With Bipolar Disorder Misinterpret Facial Expressions. Can you imagine – young people having to live with something like this during a time as trying as the teen years? And society makes it even worse by branding them as difficult and rebellious, when in fact they need understanding and treatment!

I’m going to pull out before I launch into a really big rant – but can you imagine what it must take for one of these kids to just get through a day? Being a teen today is difficult under the best of circumstances. I truly hurt for them, as well as for everyone who lives with any sort of mental or emotional illness. The physical illnesses of the world get a lot more attention and understanding from our society. But they don’t cause their victims any more suffering than the mental. The monster just wears a different face, that’s all.

Make each moment of compassion count double,

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