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Continuing this weeks Relaxation Theme…

“Find your quiet place”. A phrase typically used when someone needs to “regroup”, “calm down”, or “unwind”. The place in question, in these instances, is actually a “frame of mind” as opossed to an actual physical location.

By contrast, what I’m suggesting today is the importance of finding a PHYSICAL quiet place in your home. A place where you can retreat to relax your body, refresh your spirit, and renew your mind. Somewhere you can shed the cares and stresses of the world layer by layer.

This will, I know sound all “new” and “odd”, but isn’t it kind of time for something new, no matter how odd it sounds?

When you have this place picked out, don’t EVER let any worries or negative thoughts intrude upon it. If you happen to be in your quiet place, and the burdens of the world overtake your mind, either quiet them or move to another spot. Just do not allow these thoughts into your quiet place. Don’t let them crash the relaxation party! God knows they’ll try.

Where should this spot of serenity be? Someplace comfortable, a place where you can sit or lie and grab all the “down time” you need. It may be your living room couch, a recliner in the den, your bed, a chair at your kitchen table (for those of us who get antsy if we’re too far from the coffee maker), or a comfortable chair at your computer desk. Truth be told, you probably all ready have a “spot” – you just haven’t been following the rules.

In the coming days, I’ll give you more relaxation exercises (in addition to the one posted in the Relaxation category.), visualizations, as well as other relaxation tips and ideas. Your special place will be THE PLACE to do these in. It’s also the perfect spot to read, listen to music, talk with family – just as long as you don’t talk about stressful subjects.

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” – Carl Sandburg

TIP: When is the last time you read ? Please don’t tell this poet addict that it was High School English, unless you want me to cry. Go to the category Versification and refamiliarize yourself with this art of arts. Then, go grab a book by Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson , William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning , Robert Browning, Maya Angelou, T.S. Eliot, etc. – or an anthology. Poetry somehow puts your soul in agreement with all that is serene.

“Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.” – Thomas Gray

Make each moment count double,
The Mental Fitness Center

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