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Happiness lies not in the mere possesion of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Every year millions of people change their jobs. It’s because they don’t find happiness in their work. It’s estimated that not more than 3 people out of 10 in the United States are employed in the type of work that they like to do best. That leaves 70 % of Americans willing to jump occupations, if the opportunity arises. The result is most people don’t get much joy from their work and society never gets their best production.

The job that will make you the happiest is the one that allows you to EXPRESS your real self. Your natural interests and aptitudes; your mental and physical abilities. Your PERSONALITY.

Find your happiness in your work or you will never know what happiness is. ~ Elbert Hubbard

Life, as you heard at a high school and/or college graduation, is like a road.
For the average person, there are many roads open. Smooth roads, rough roads, alleys and super-highways. Each one goes in a different direction and at a different speed. Some lead you to obscurity, some to mediocrity. Some take you on fantastic journeys to heights you never thought you’d see.

Along the road of life, you’re going to need some guidance. Those who have traveled before you may be your best source of guidance. Seek out information from as many people as possible when choosing your path. But always remember, they cannot live you life for you. You alone are solely responsible for choosing your road. Choose the one that allows you to be CREATIVE and you’ll have a leg up on finding the happiness that most people never find.

For me, it’s sales and marketing. It allows me to be creative and have some freedom of choice in determining my yearly income. If I want to make more money, all I have to do is find a way to work smarter, harder or more efficiently. Leveraging other people’s efforts also helps.

I have 3 daughter’s and I’m sure I’ve said 1000 times. Find something you like to do and then find someone that wants to pay you to do it. Simple.

If you like to read, find someone looking for an editor or proofreader. You like to cook ? Finding work as a sous chef should be fairly easy. You like selling ? The newspapers are full of ads looking for people to rep them. Be warned, though. If you don’t believe in the product, you will not be able to sell it. Not for very long and not very successfully. Find a product you are willing to fight for and you can sell it like icewater in the desert.

Ultimately, no person is permanently happy until he/she finds an avenue for the natural expression of their ego, their desires, their likes & dislikes. If you are not able to EXPRESS yourself during your working hours, find a hobby or after work outlet for the pent up interests. Otherwise, complications far too deep for this discussion will arise. You have to be able to allow the creative juices to escape or they will slowly drown themselves and your creativity with them.

Here’s an idea starter for you. Make a written analysis of yourself.

1) Your strong points and how you could best use them.
2) Your vocational aptitudes and how can you develop them.
3) Your weaknesses and how can you overcome them.
4) Your interests, ideals, desires and capabilities.
5) Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years & 10 years.

The road to failure is known as Chance Avenue.
Most young people start looking for a job with chance as their guide. It’s one way to find a job, but it’s far from the best. Work your way thru high school or college this way, if you have to. Do not choose your life’s work this way. Find your love and find someone to pay you to do it ! It won’t be all that hard. There are millions upon millions of jobs out there. Surely you can find someone looking for you to do what you love. The payoff will be great for you AND the employer.

If you are an employer, why not search for those that love doing what you need them to do. Turnover will be less and productivity will be far greater than just taking the first person who answers your ad. If you can’t figure out how to do his, contact me and I’ll help you find your ideal employees.

Visions harden into facts. When you get to retirement age, you’ll look back and see that almost every major event in life has been the result of this decision. The only choice more important is the choosing of a life partner. Nearly all we are allowed to do in life, to give in life and get out of life, is influenced by the decisions you make about your life’s work.

~ Mike

PS – This was mainly written for our daughter’s but two people gave me the spark to write this post. Neither knows they did it. Their comments on their blogs and in an email were the catalyst.

Thanks to Tim Yang
and to Jeremy Wright

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