Festering Smells

Tough Love!

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“For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds;
Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.”

You’re known by what you do. You’re known by what you do. You’re known by what you do. You’re known by what you do. You’re known by what you do. You’re known by what you do. You’re known by what you do. You’re known by what you do.

Okay, that was annoying – I admit it, but the point wanted so badly to be made.

One of the things that frustrates me the most is when people are their own worst enemy. I hate the wastefulness of a person who has SO much going for them, but can’t seem to get out of his or her own way.

Take Terrel Owens, for example. The man’s sitting on all the freakin’ talent in the world. He has a wonderful smile, money that should make it impossible for him NOT to launch said smile, and what appears to be an outgoing, great personality. There are literally more opportunities out there for him than the world can even hold.

So what does he do? He keeps doing everything in the world to take the spotlight away from his best traits and point it toward his worst. His biggest enemy or rival in the world couldn’t do him any more harm than he’s doing himself. It’s downright frustrating for those of us who were fans to watch. He acts like nothing’s good enough for him and it’s making a lot of us think that he’s the one who’s not good enough.

It takes a heckuva lot more than just talent to be a winner. You have to be a team player, your attitude needs to be positive, you have to be dependable, you have to have accountability. Your teammates need to know that you have their backs and that you aren’t attaching any conditions, restrictions or price tags. I don’t recognize TO in the above job description anymore.

He’s obviously out only for himself, his attitude is anything but positive, he isn’t dependable, he doesn’t want to be held accountable, his teammates have no idea what’s going on with him and he has only one back. His. I don’t know how he got to this point, but I wish he’d turn back.

He’s a glorious example of what Shakespeare was talking about in the quote at the top.

When the beautiful things in the world turn foul, the result is much worse even than those who were foul to begin with.

You truly are only known by your deeds. Your reputation is not how great, smart, fun or incredible you SAY you are. It’s what you do in your life and with your life that counts.

I was watching an episode of a reality show last season – two girls kept telling how “fun” and “kooky” they were. I never saw any of that, and the fact that they self-billed themselves that way had me looking extra close. I only saw (MAJOR) moodiness and self-absorption – I think they confused what they WANTED to be with what they WERE. When we talk about ourselves (Risky business, that), it might just be a good idea not to OVERsell, because then they just might expect what was advertised! If we truly are smart, witty, fun, strong, loving, or “kooky” for crying out loud, people will figure it out for themselves. And they’ll take their own estimation a lot more seriously than they would ever take ours of ourselves.

As a fan of Owens, I hope he snaps out of it. As a fan of Donovan’s, I hope TO ends up a Cowboy. Can you imagine his first meeting with Jerry Jones? I can just picture them sitting across the table giving one another their best smile. A couple of cheshire cats trying to figure out which has the upper paw! I think they’d just sit there smiling and sizing one another up for a while. Owens with his dental showcase vs. Jones with his sinister, cross-me-and-I’ll-eat-you-smile. Scary, man…..make that scary man.

I’ve ranted and raved long enough – about a gazillion words more that I’d intended to, but I just got going and couldn’t stop. Maybe that’s what happened to the star of my post. Maybe he just can’t stop. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll soon figure out that you stop just by………….


Make each moment count double,
~ Joi

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