Fast Food Emotion


I wanna hug somebody! Click HERE to read a very, very interesting post about Juan Mann (a.k.a. The Hugger). At one point he refers to hugs as “fast food emotion.” I can get beside that…or behind that…or in front of that. He also points out that it’s a great way to make people happy – because for every one person you hug, five more walk past smiling. That’s 7 happy people for 2 seconds of activity. I like those numbers.

Sometimes when life seems to have completely forgotten how to be reasonable, a hug can make all the difference in the world. I can remember times when I was in the darkest part of an emotional nightmare. Inevitably, someone came along with a hug and made life at that moment less dark, less scary, and less overwhelming. A few times I held on not wanting the hug to ever end! But when it did, I was in a much better place.

If you see someone who looks like they’re wearing the cares of the world, give them a hug – even if it catches them off guard……especially if it catches them off guard!

Make each hug count double,

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