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No Parking - Get Moving!We’re all familiar with endorphins and with the fact that exercising gives us a great feeling from our heads to our toes.  Working out – whether it’s walking, jogging, gardening, pilates, yoga, or just cleaning the heck out of our house – makes us feel giddy to be alive!  Add that to the health benefits of exercise and we should get our rears in gear a lot more often than we do.

But there’s more.

Something the experts refer to as “Postexercise Euphoria” seems to be the result of naturally occurring cannabinoids – from the family of chemicals that gives marijuana smokers their buzz.  A study reported in Prevention Magazine gave the following details:

Researchers asked 24 men to run, ride a bike, or sit for 50 minutes.  After the 50 minutes, the researchers took the men’s blood samples.  They found high blood levels of the cannabinoid anandamide in the exercisers but not in the sedentary men.

They say that you need at least 20 minutes of aerobic effort to feel the effects of this mood lifting boost, so don’t expect a 10 minute walk to do much for your spirits.  While it’s better than nothing, a 20 minute walk would be a much better workout as well as a much higher lift.

This is just more proof that if you’re down in the dumps, you don’t have to stay there – unless you want to.

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