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I wonder why it is that the things we KNOW we should do and need to do are so freakin’ hard to remember to do. But the things that we KNOW aren’t so great for us just seem to fall right into place.

For example, we all know that we should wear sunscreen when out in the noonday sun. But how many of us do it? I’ll ‘fess up, I never do. Ever.

Also, we know we should take our vitamins every day and should avoid fried foods. What’s the last thing to pass your lips, a vitamin or fried food? Yeah, mine too.

How about lotion? No one has to tell us that we should take care of our skin – we know that. Just like we know that we should put lotion on each day, maybe after a bath or shower – yet, most of the time we just jump right into what we’ll be wearing and march right off.

Without sunscreen.

To McDonalds.

Oy. I’ve, at the very least, gotten the lotion thing figured out. I’ve started putting containers of my favorite hand lotion by the bathroom and kitchen sinks, so I see it often, and thereby use it often. I put the body lotion by the tub so I can’t miss it each morning and night. And I’ve put my facial lotion on my bedstand – right beside my favorite Emily Dickinson book of poetry and my current Dean Koontz book (Right now it’s Koontz’s Frankenstein. Cue the creepy music.). I’ll always reach for one of them each night, so when I do – I slather up and then glide into my reading.

The sunscreen thing’s trickier, because (shhhhhh) I like to tan.

As for vitamins, a container will last me about a year – because I just never remember. But you can rest assured a bag of Funyuns would disappear inside of a week! Wow, I’m utterly hopeless – Somewhere between the words week and Wow, it occured to me that I have a bag of Funyuns in the kitchen. So, I journeyed off in that direction and returned with a handful of Funyuns.

Hopeless! But with such soft skin….

Back to the Funyuns.

Make each moment count double, and I hope your willpower is stronger than mine!

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