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Sadness is almost never anything but a form of fatigue. – Andre Gide

Countless people deal with overwhelming feelings of sadness that they often label as “depression.” However, the feelings – horrible as they are – may very well be far simpler (and less serious) than that.

I read not long ago that we are sleeping less than we ever have. In the same article, the experts said that we’re seeing more individuals battling anger problems, depression, and other emotional demons. The gist of the article was that life, today, is a pressure cooker and that it’s affecting every inch of our day. The bullett points were alarmingly familiar…

  • Change the things in your life that you can change.
  • Stop stressing over the things beyond your control.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Count to 20 before letting your anger rear its ugliness.
  • Etc….

All great advice. As a matter of fact, it’s all advice you’ll see on this website/blog on a regular basis. Except for the counting to 20 tip. I’d a believer in dealig with the NEED to count to 20 rather than counting, itself. Besides, when someone stands there, turning red while counting the seconds – I think that, in itself, is an outburst…albeit a quieter one. Granted, it’s a better solution than spewing nastiness all over the place!


What if the solution to many of our emotional battles is even simpler than anyone realizes?

What if the riddle can be solved without doing anything – literally without doing anything? I honestly believe that a lack of sleep isn’t a result of a stressful life as much as it is a cause of a stressful life. From my own personal experience, I know that I feel better and even look at the world differently when I’ve had a good night’s rest.

Think about children: How many times do parents pick up on a child’s emotions and know it’s time for a nap? Nathan is yelling and throwing toys….so he’s put down for a nap. He wakes up ready to play and has returned to his charming little self. Natalie is crying over every little thing, so her mom makes her lie on the couch for a “time out.” She falls asleep, and, 30 minutes later when she wakes up, she’s smiling and back to normal.

If kids….doing kid-things….can become mentally, emotionally, and physically strung out – how much more so must it be for us?! Sometimes we just need a little more rest.

If you ever find yourself being crankier or more emotional than usual (or if someone close to you points out that you’re either a grouch or a wreck), make a point of getting more rest. A nap before supper or after lunch might be all you need. If you can’t swing that, start going to bed 30 minutes earlier each night.

Life looks a lot better when you aren’t looking at it through tears or anger. And if a little rest helps you see things more clearly, hit the sheets!

Make each nap count double,

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