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All progress is mental in origin.

The way a person thinks determines what he will become, for thought precedes achievement.

For the most part, accomplishments come from mental strength, or CREATIVE POWER.

Creative means to ” bring into existence; to develop; to form; to put togrther; to organize; to usher into being.”

Power means ” strength; authority; force; virility; energy.”

Creative Power means strength in constructive thinking, and such strength comes, for the most part, from directing one’s daily thoughts along purposeful constructive lines. Who can say what might be the outcome from a new idea, or the new implementation of an old idea ?

Three Kinds of Thinking.

Constructive Thinking: That type of thinking which is creative in nature; which tends to build up, to construct, to be positive, and to reach affirmative conclusions.

Destructive Thinking: That type of thinking which is malicious and which tends toward destruction. People continually indulge in destructive thinking are, to a degree, a menace to society and often end up in an institution or incarcerated.

Desultory Thinking: That type of thinking which goes irregularly from one thing to another. Fitful and unmethodical in nature. Daydreaming and rationalization, which simply means to find support for your way of thinking are typical.

Most of what we have, we owe to constructive thinking. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the house we live in, our cars, the trains and planes we ride in. The schools we attend, the parks we play in, all come from constructive thinking. And not only material things, but also the happiness we enjoy, the peace and contentment are also byproducts of Constructive thinking.

Much unhappiness, wars, misery crime, all come from Destructive Thinking. It’s something that won’t be discussed here, for few who seek personal development indulge in it.

Without a doubt, we all engage in far too much Desultory Thinking. Instead of controlling our stream of thought, we let the merest of chances determine our path in life. Mostly, we get no practical value from this type of thinking.

The greatest danger that most of us face is Desultory Thinking. Careless, haphazard thoughts run through our minds all day long and we fill our minds with thoughts that have zero value or significance. You can, if you want to, choose to not allow this to happen, but it will take determination and it will require you to be honest with and about yourself. You must educate yourself, first and foremost, to the dangers of allowing yourself to wander aimlessly through the day and ultimately through life.

Keep a journal, write notes, do someting to systematically chart your thoughts for a day or week. You’ll probably be amazed at how small your thoughts really are.

Remember the old saying, ” Small minds talk about people, medium sized minds talk about current events and larger minds talk about ideas.”

This is the first in a series of posts about Education and Achievement.

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