Eating More Fish Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain Food, Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

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Grilled Fish: Brain Food!

If you’re like most people, one of your greatest concerns has become preserving your memories and preventing Alzheimer’s Disease (and other forms of Dementia).  Fortunately, there is so much research being done in the area of mental fitness that experts are uncovering new ways to preserve our brain’s health.

One of the easiest ways is also one of the most delicious.

Eating more fish can actually give you a bigger brain!  What’s more, fish provides you with protection against diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  Shrinking brain volume is a sign of both aging and Alzheimer’s disease – so the fact that increasing your fish intake can lead to an increase in your brain’s volume is exciting news.

Nutritionists and mental fitness experts advise eating fish at least twice a week, with one serving being “oily fish” ( herring, mackerel, sardines…).

For more on the fascinating study, click here.


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