Eagle Claws Cause TO to Pause

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As you probably know, Terrell Owens recently felt the Eagle’s claws in his back – after he stabbed them in theirs. Again.

I don’t ride too many fences in life, because it’s freaking uncomfortable, but I’m torn over this one. Donovan McNabb is one of my favorite athletes (His behavior gives a workshop on class.), so I haven’t really been too big a fan of T.O’s attitude. I love to watch him play, but can’t stand to see him approaching a microphone. But is having an unbelievably big mouth worth all this?

Anyway, TO took exception with the fact that the Eagles didn’t recognize his 100th career touchdown. He called it “classless” of the organization. I pinched myself, but no, I wasn’t dreaming. TO was judging class.

Anyway, I sat my coffee down and turned up the tv, thinking, “Here we go again. When’s it going to end?” With amazing speed, the Eagles answered. The suspension to end all suspensions fell down on his head, rendering him FINALLY speechless.

TO is TO’s worst enemy. All the talent in the world, but way too much drama.

Rev. Jesse Jackson has said that he thinks TO could have shown more class, but that the suspension is too severe. He said this type of suspension should be used for those who have been caught “shaving points, selling drugs, carrying a gun or fighting fans without sufficient restraint.”

He said that he thinks the Eagles should release Owens to the open market or free agency if they no longer want to associate with him. Maybe that’s just it, though. Maybe they want him, but they want him to learn a little something about being on a team, part of a team, and there for your team.

Personally, I’d like to see the suspension lifted and TO given a chance to prove that his capacity for learning is as great as his capacity for playing. I hope that this NFL (as in No Flapping Lips) suspension will get his attention and he’ll wake up, ditch this agent, and start fresh.

He’s allowing the off field drama to overshadow his on field dramatics – and he’ll just be remembered one day for all the wrong things. I’d say that I’d hate to see it happen, but truth be known it already is. When I hear the name Terrrell Owens now, I don’t think of him on the field causing nightmares for the other team – I think of him off the field, causing nightmares for his own.

Do you think the suspension is appropriate or not? Where should the line be drawn?

Make each moment count double,

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  • He has a contract, which he wanted to break, with the Eagles. They own his worthless butt and if they as his owner say no to his being on the field, that’s it. No play for Mr. Say.

    Here’s the real kicker, one nobody’s mentioned…T.O. and his agent both should be evaluated for their grasp on sanity for WANTING TO BREAK a contract worth $49 MILLION !

    Talk about a couple of morons. That’s more than some third world countries are worth and he wants more to play a game ?

    I say the NFL should ban him for life and let him try to get a contract like that working at Wal-Mart, or Home Depot, or in a factory, or on a construction site.

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