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A statistic caught my eye and spueezed my heart this morning: 1 in 5 kids is sexually solicited online. My first thought was, “What a sick sign of the times.” Then I realized it was more than that – it isn’t a sign, it’s a call. A call for action.

There are countless things for a kid to do online – research reports, Google homework help, check out what Jessica Simpson’s doing, what Nicole Richie isn’t doing (Cute girl, but really, what does she DO?), chat up buddies on AIM, read about overcoming shyness, play games… the list goes on. Unfortunately, pervs out there know what a cool place the internet is for young people – so that’s where they can be found. Lurking.

Following is a link to a website that you should toss in front of the young people in your life. Tell them to read it carefully. Bribe them to read it carefully. See, it plays something like this:

Read the articles and information, yourself, first. Then, tell them to read it all. If they’re able to give you an accurate run down of the content, then you take them out and buy them a(n) __________ (ice cream cone, hamburger, milkshake, cd, dvd, pizza, ticket to a movie, etc…).

Worth it? Worth it.

Here’s what might be the most important link you’ve seen in awhile: Don’t Believe the Type

Make each moment count double,

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  • (ok that post wasnt supposed to be funny to us, but that nicole richie comment got me hahaha)

    but your right. kids need to be more careful… =)

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