Does Dieting Make Us Dopey?!

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A recent study done at Flinders University in Australia showed that when women are dieting, they have a tougher time multitasking. The mental process needed to handle more than one thing at a time seems to be dulled by dieting.

The study also showed that when women are dieting, they have a tougher time remembering objects, locations, and moderately complex sequences of words or numbers.

Cutting back too far on necessary protein, vitamins and minerals is not only a bad deal from the neck down, it would appear to be just as bad from the neck up. But, it’s more than just that. Experts believe that part of the problem is that when we’re dieting (don’t let that we’re fool you, I’ve never dieted a day of my life – I love food far, far too much to implement any such foolishness) – we these people focus on calories, sodium, exercise, weight, and such so much that their brains turn kind of mushy. Thinking down a one way road is never a good idea; preoccupying thoughts leave little room for other thoughts – they hog all the attention!

Naturally, we should all eat healthy foods and should strive for a healthy weight. After all, good health is a wonderful goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – we want to be in the best possible health. Just be cautious if thoughts of weight loss, scales, calories, and clothes sizes start taking over your every thought.

Here’s a little exercise, if you’re game. Ask yourself the following question: What were the three most common thoughts or worries I entertained the past week?
Did one spring to mind, as though it couldn’t wait to be answered? That thought is the one that you’ve given the coveted center stage to. If a few came along with it, they’re the co-stars. It’s much healthier, mentally, to have more than one thought in the spotlight.

Did more than 3 come to mind? That would imply that you have a really good balance – a full cast, if you will. That, or like me, you drink too much coffee.

While the study was performed on women, men need to be just as cautious of fixating their thoughts on singular topics. Yes, Michael, even golf. ????

Make each moment count double,

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