Do You Have Enough Fun in Your Life?

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We all get so caught up in the seriousness of life that often we forget there’s a lot of fun to be had as well. Not balancing the two out can make you anything from cranky to crazy. Schools know the wisdom of this fact, which is why there’s something called recess. And just as Brandon and Ashlee (Dick and Jane’s kids) need a break from reading, writing, and arithmetic – you and I need a break from to do lists, deadlines, and bills.

Below is a list of things that you can do to remind yourself that there’s more to life than work. Because, quite frankly a life that consists of just work isn’t really much of a life….it’s a sentence.

1. Go see a movie! Eat buttery I-know-this-isn’t-healthy popcorn and slurp the biggest Coke they have.

2. Bundle up and take a walk around the park. It’s invigorating and good for you. You’ll actually burn more calories in the cool weather because the ole body has to work harder to warm itself up. (You can burn off that popcorn!)

3. Rent a scary movie and watch it with the lights off. Scream, What Lies Beneath, Sixth Sense, Silence of the Lambs…. I’ll bet Scream will have you running to switch the lights on! And Silence and Sixth will have you sleeping with them on.

4. Pick out a great new book and make reading it a priority. A few I strongly recommend are: Dean Koontz: “Odd Thomas,” “Watchers,” “Midnight,” “Sole Survivor” Nicholas Sparks: “The Rescue,” “The Guardian” Gregory Maguire: “Wicked – The Live and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” (Two words: Witch sex). Also, Agatha Christie is a great read. I actually collect Christie books and am reading my way through them all. Brilliant author.

5. Color your hair a new shade. Okay, maybe not if you’re starting a new job the next day, but otherwise, have fun and go for it! There are temporary shades that wash out with just 8 shampoos, all of which can be done back to back if the result is something you can’t live with. Just mix life up a little bit and make yourself smile.

6. Put music on and dance. Heck, go all out! Color your hair a crazy sexy color, read a little Koontz while you wait to rinse, dance to a great song while your hair dries, then go see a movie.

Every minute of that day you’ll know you’re alive and you’ll go to bed with a smile on your face and buttered popcorn on your breath.

Make each moment smile,

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  • I love Dean Koontz. Intensity scared the crap (daughter #2’s favorite word) out of me.
    I see you,

  • Intensity…scared out of crap…. I know the next book I’ll be reading! Thanks for the recommendation – always good to hear from another Koontz fan!


  • Thanks! I love the website you pointed out. His suggestions are great and I’ve bookmarked him now too!

  • This is exactly the the type of thing we’re talking about at Especially in our article aboutbrightening your day. Gets me excited to move more earnestly towards my desire to do what I love. Great post! thanks.

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