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One of the blogs I have (Hollywood Yesterday) is devoted to the Golden Age of Hollywood. I’m fascinated with the stars of yesterday – from James Dean and Lucille Ball to Cary Grant and Rita Hayworth. What can I say – it’s a guilty little obsession I have. So, to keep the obsession alive, I’ve been reading a biography about Ava Gardner. Fascinating, if not a bit eccentric gal.

Like most of these individuals (with the exception of Audrey Meadows and a few others), she marched to the beat of a different guitarist none of the rest of us could hear. But having said that, she was so refreshingly aware of who she was that it has made a lasting impression on me. You know how most people will come across as trying to defend themselves or excuse their every sin? Ava confessed, and even marvelled, at her shortcomings. She addressed them and didn’t make any excuses. In Hollywood, (then and now) – everyone has an excuse for every move they make, every fall they take.

Of course, it’s not just in the entertainment industry, is it? How many people want to place blame for their failures, addictions, and actions on someone else. Their parents weren’t attentive enough, their parents were too strict, their spouse nags, their spouse is too quiet, their boss puts too much pressure on them, etc…

Wouldn’t it be incredible to see someone, after taking that fall, get back up and admit “I stumbled.” Then, leave it at that. We’re all too willing to accept our successes – totally and completely. If we win, we lay the credit at our own feet – our stamina, brains, willpower and determination saw us through. Yet if we lose, we scurry around looking for other feet!

Think that’s why so many keep tripping over the same thing? They refuse to see it, so they don’t know what to look out for.

Have an awesome week and make each of its moments count double,

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