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I was mentally composing an article yesterday morning – the topic was how some people tend to think that they are the center of the universe. You know the crowd- the ones who that everyone else should be as wrapped up in them as they, themselves, are. The ones who can come into a room, find you up to your neck in work, then tell you what they want from you…. then check back in five minutes to see if it’s done yet! God bless their hearts, they are all important in their little world and expect to be so in everyone else’s.

Anyway, I took a break from thinking (I take more of those than I care to admit), grabbed my youngest daughter and headed to Subway (something else I do more than I care to admit).

So, Steph and I order our current obsessions – Chicken Bacon Ranch Subways. While I’m waiting at the cash register for the honor of paying, a young man (18ish) comes to the Order end of the counter and tells the woman, “I want what I had yesterday.” She looks at him with about 7,000 question marks on her face. So he says, “You know, the sandwich I had yesterday.” She informs him that she doesn’t remember what he ordered yesterday, and he honestly has the nerve to get peeved! The real kicker is that I don’t think he remembered the name of the sandwich, and he felt for sure that the woman would…after all, she doesn’t have any other customers!

For what seemed like an eternity, they stood staring at one another – I really, really wished that my husband had been there, I know he would have hummed the Jeopardy theme music. That would’ve been just so him.

I was just about to intervene and ask him, “What did it look like?” when he pointed to something on the wall and said he’d have “…one of them.” The lady, fighting back laughter, asked him if that was what he’d had yesterday and he said, “You tell me.” She lost her fight.

Make each moment count double,

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