Coconut Oil and Cognitive Function

Brain Food, Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, Prevent Memory Loss

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One of my favorite flavors in the world is coconut. It’s right up there with chocolate and coffee. I’m pretty sure Mounds candy bars were made just for me. Give me a Mounds and a cup of coffee and you won’t hear a peep out of me for a while.  I’m pretty silent when my own happy little Paradise.

Fortunately, chocolate (dark chocolate) has its health-related virtues (heart) and coffee is known to help prevent Alzheimer’s.  We’re beginning to hear more and more about the health benefits of coconut – which is just all around great news for coconut nuts like myself.

A recent article on Green Med Info caught my eye. How could it not? – It combined two things that interest me most in the world: Cognitive Function (as well as Alzheimer’s and Dementia Prevention) and the magic word… coconut. Coconut oil to be exact. (Buy Coconut Oil on Amazon)

Studies show that just one dose of coconut oil a day can tremendously boost brain function and cognitive ability.  Coconut oil has also shown AMAZING promise in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

Read the fascinating article by clicking the link: How Coconut Oil Boosts Brain Function

You can learn more about Coconut Oil and its effect on Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s Prevention on Natural News.


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