Choose the Subject of Your Thoughts Carefully

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Think PositivelyRemember in high school when you were faced with the task of choosing subjects for the upcoming semester?  If you were planning for college, you were careful to select subjects that would meet your chosen school’s criteria.  If you had a career in business in mind, you chose classes that would prepare you for that road. 

If you went to college, you became even more expereinced in choosing subjects.

The subjects we chose in school determined our degree and shaped our education.  Good selection was of the utmost importance! However, we choose even more important subjects on a daily basis without even truly realizing it.  Yet these very choices determine far more than an education or degree – they determine our character and shape our life. 

I’m talking, of course, about our thoughts.  Our thoughts are often found woefully lacking, which sadly, rubs off onto our character.  Given the fact that our character pretty much determines the life we’ll lead, it’s easy to see why we should start paying A LOT more attention to the thoughts that we allow, and even invite, into our heads.

In a brilliant little book titled Inspiration and Ideals, from 1917, Grenville Kleiser put it this way:

If you once form the habit of selecting and dwelling upon important subjects only, you will have neither time nor inclination for the petty worries that beset so many lives.  Anxiety, irritation, despair, fear and the like, are mental, and therefore must be destroyed mentally.  As you realize the folly of these habits, you will more diligently strive to eliminate them from your life.  They are not only worthless, but a serious handicap in the face for success.  Think constructively, and doubtful and discordant elements will fall away from inanition (starvation).

I love that – starve negativity to death!

Notice how he refers to negative thoughs as “a serious handicap?”  If we were to start thinking of the following thoughts as handicaps, I’m certain we’d work harder to get rid of them:

  • Worries
  • Regrets
  • Guilt
  • Self Doubt
  • Self Ridicule
  • Pointless Daydreams
  • Anger

Let’s vow to start recognizing these negative thoughts the very minute they show up.  Instead of inviting them to kick up their heels and get comfortable, let’s show them the door pronto. After all, if they’re invited in, they’ll invite other unsavory characters over and…well, nothing good will come from any of it.

Just as we’re careful about the people we associate with, we have to be careful about the thoughts we entertain. 

Positive, constructive thoughts will take us places!  Negative, destructive thoughts will take us nowhere.

Positive, constructive thinking will make us.  Negative, destructive thinking will break us.

The choice is ours.

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