Chocolate Increases Blood Flow to the Brain

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I love the irony, here.  I am such a fan of chocolate that it’s a wonder I haven’t turned a beautiful shade of dark brown by now.  Love it!

In fact, today I couldn’t help but smile as I found myself in the kitchen (my favorite place on earth) simultaneously baking chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips in them, whipping up chocolate frosting, and making homemade hot cocoa all at once.  I was in HEAVEN and the kitchen smelled unbelievable.  I even put chocolate sprinkles on top of the cupcakes to add extra deliciousness.

After finishing up in the kitchen, I opened my e-mail and someone had sent me a link to the following article about (you guessed it) chocolate!

Fortunately, the article extols the virtues of chocolate – leaving me with zero regrets or guilt.  In fact, as the article points out, chocolate has something remarkable in it called  flavanols that increase blood flow to your brain. Yippeee!  That calls for another cupcake, mate.

Here’s the link: Cocoa Compound Boosts Brain’s Blood

Make each bite of chocolate count double,
~ Joi

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