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After the perfect spectacle she made of herself over Augusta 3 years ago – when she led an unsuccessful effort to allow female members at the Augusta National Golf Club (It’s their club, they get to call their own shots.) – I thought maybe Martha Burk would, if not retract her claws, at least find more important prey. No such luck.

She’s baaaaaack, and this time she doesn’t even have the one leg to stand on….

Martha Burk is the chairwoman of the National Council of Women’s Organizations. One would expect her to, at this time, be ALL ABOUT helping hurricane victims who are struggling to rebuild their lives. Last night, two pictures in USA Today left me in tears. One was of an elderly lady wiping tears from eyes so void of hope that I felt I’d seen a glimpse of hell. The other was of two ladies (one holding a precious little baby boy) who were absolutely sobbing. I folded the paper back and just looked into their faces wishing with everything in me that I was there to put my arms around them, cook ’em all a huge Kentucky-Style meal…and get my hands on that adorable baby!

In the same paper, mind you, with these images in the forefront of my mind, I read about Mrs. Martha being all bent out of shape over a Hockey commercial. She’s all up in arms and lashing out against the NHL. “Here the NHL is trying to portray itself as family entertainment, and this ad doesn’t support that very well.”, she fumed. Lady, I know of some families you can get in touch with if you’re worried about families and their entertainment. The ladies in my picture would give just about anything for some dumb hockey ad to be all they had to worry about…..that is if they had anything left to give.

Okay, the ad that has her all “Burked up” – taken from my beloved USA Today (OMG, how did I ever survive without this paper.):

“The spot opens with a quote from Chinese military philosopher Sun Tzu: ‘A clever warrior is one who not only wins but excels at winning with ease.’ A bare-chested player sits on a wooden bench in the glow of a candlelit room with a backbeat of drums and rattling sabers. He is approached by a woman in a bra and gauzy robe, who touches his shoulders, asks ‘Ready?’ and helps him put on his shoulder pads and jersey. She says, ‘It’s time,’ and he heads to the ice to the cheers of a man and young boy in the stands. The ad ends with ‘My NHL, coming 10.05.’ ”

My take is that it’s Hockey going all out to make things up to their fans for last year. They’re excited to be back in business and are having fun with it. I think it’s all edgy, sexy and serves as a great distraction from all the horror around us.

Everyone, of course doesn’t share my opinion.

Burk: “The woman is a sexual ornament, in my view. It’s appealing to adult men while trying to masquerade as something for kids. That’s deeply offensive to me. As a mother of two sons, they see enough sex and violence anyway. Why put it in warrior terms? That’s offensive, let alone the sexism.”

Let alone the sexism? The girl in the commercial spot happens to be hot. So? News flash, guys like hotties. It’s been going on since Adam first saw Eve. Guys like looking at gals, gals like looking at guys. Sometimes the looks lead to feelings of arousal. This. Is. Not. A. Bad. Thing.

Sexual ornament? Guys wouldn’t look at her and think, “Yeah, baby! A sexual ornament!” Give them a little more credit than that. They know a woman when they see one. Would they notice that she was sexy? YES. Is there anything wrong with a man finding a female to be sexy? Hell to the no!

Really, look at the pictures below and ask yourself, “If I were the chairwoman of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, where would my attentions be directed right now?”

She talks about what she wants and doesn’t want for her sons, what about all the “sons” like the little man above?

What about the mothers whose sons are overseas bravely facing danger every day? I’d love to think that she, and others like her, could find something more lasting and important to do with their time and resources.

A hockey commercial is an embarassing waste of righteous indignation.

Make each moment count double,

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  • You go girl !

    I’d say Martha is just misguided, misinformed, misled and has missed the boat.

    Maybe she didn’t hear about the devastation in the South, up in her lil white castle.

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