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Word Scramble Challenge App

I’ve fallen in love with brain games and I’ve THRILLED to see the number of mentally challenging games that are available as apps.  One of my favorite brain challenges doesn’t even advertise itself as a brain game, but it definitely fits the bill.

The Word Scramble Challenge Edition by Zynga is challenging, fun, educational, and downright addictive.  It helps you with an important aspect of mental fitness: Speed! You have a specific amount of time (which you can set in the settings) to find words in a jumbled grid.

The game isn’t JUST fun and doesn’t just challenge your brain to think and react faster – when all of the answers are shown to you (after time has run out), you’ll defintiely learn new words.

Brain game app

I’ll add more brain games and mentally challenging apps and app reviews to the Brain Gym each week. But, for now, you’ll have your hands full with this one!

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